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Three New Arcane Symbols for
Polyhedral Gaming Dice

The Eye of Chaos

The Eye of Chaos, also called the Three-Lobed Eye of Nyarlathotep, is a symbol of disarray, primordial havoc, and tumult. 

The Star of Azathoth

The Star of Azathoth features curving lines that are symbolic of the black spiral vortices of the ultimate chaotic void.

The Seal of Yog-Sothoth

Librarians have found this seal stamped in the margins of many books and scrolls near particularly occult passages.

Plus All These Sets Will Be Available!

Placing a late pledge will be the last chance to get all these dice sets for the discounted Kickstarter pledge amount.

The Brand of Cthulhu in "Drowned Green"
Many people have asked for it, and we are brining it to you!

The Astral Elder Sign in "Mystic Purple"
One of our most popular symbols in a most popular color.

The Yellow Sign in "Masked" Purple and Green
The followers of the Yellow King prowl the streets of New Orleans in masked disguises.

The Mark of the Necronomicon in "Blood and Magic"
Bring the Harbinger of the Dark Star to your tabletop!

The Elder Sign in Blue Aether
Ward away evil with this classic symbol in a very popular color.

The Sigil of the Dreamlands in "Kadathian Ice"
Explore the Dreamscape and all the lands beyond.

Magnetic Grimoire Boxes

Behold the Terrible Power of Elder Dice

Each polyhedral set will come in its own madness inducing grimoire. It is the perfect way to transport your Elder Dice and add atmosphere to the gaming table. The Elder Dice grimoires will look great on your gaming table, on your shelf, or even on your desk.

Elder Dice are a Celebration of Cosmic Fantasy and Horror

Each grimoire snaps closed with a magnetic clasp to keep your dice secure. They feature original Lovecraftian art in the interior. Elder Dice are designed to look both beautiful and horrific.

Six-Sided AND Ten-Sided Dice by the Tube

Need to Roll d6s or d10s by the Fistful?

Six-sided and ten-sided Elder Dice will be available in standalone tubes. They will also be available as part of Elder Dice Collector's sets.

Use Elder Dice in all Your Favorite Mythos Games

Whether you are playing board games, wargames, or need to throw a massive fireball in your RPG, the magic of Elder Dice will be with you.

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Do not miss out. This will be the last chance to get the black and red Doom Edition Brand of Cthulhu dice!